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What has God taught you throughout your time in Swaziland?

One of the biggest things that the Lord has been revealing to me is that He is working ALL the time. He also works in ways that we, as humans do not always fully understand. He always has a plan for each of our lives! -Katherine

Katherine getting her hair braided by the kids!

God has taught me a lot on this trip. He has been teaching me about how to trust in Him more including what he has planned for me. -Riley

Riley loving one of the young boys at our second carepoint.

God has been giving me faith to trust in what He says. He alone is good and His love is great even when I don't understand things. God has broken me on this trip. Through that brokenness, I've finally been able to let go and give everything to God. Now, I feel His love and it's become so easy to let Christ love through me. -Grace

Grace's motherly love is always evident with the children.

God has been teaching me to trust in him even when I am doubting. All things will be okay when I trust Him. His plan for me is perfect and His love will never fail. -Ally

Ally tangibly loving one of the boys.

God has completely revealed to me how the purpose of all I do should strictly be to bring glory to His name and not mine. It's not about just being good, but making His name and character known throughout all my life. -Jamie

Jamie being overwhelmed by curious kids!

During my time in Swaziland, the Lord has been revealing to me a new depth to His love. The Lord is so good and loves each one of us so much that He continues to bless us and give us the desires of our heart! What a wonderful and everlasting God we serve! -Courtney

Courtney lavishing love and attention on two of the older girls.

My time in Swaziland has been amazing and I have learned so much about my Father and myself. I am just so grateful that He has allowed me to show His love to those who need it! -Sam

Sam playing in the dirt with a group of kids.

God has been teaching me a lot about who He is through the kids at the care points. I love to cradle the kids in my arms, swing them around and cling onto them so tight. I love to do these things, but love the idea that God loves to do the same things to me. – Emily

Emily having a BLAST with one of the small boys.

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