Clothes Drive.

Sorting clothes; Jess handing out dresses!

Sam and Jamie helping the ladies figure out sizes.

Yesterday, we were able to spend our afternoon handing out clothes to children at one of our carepoints. Two weeks ago we had sorted through truckloads of apparel and organized our findings according to size and gender. Now, we loaded up our hard work into four vehicles and traveled down bumpy, dusty roads to one of the rural carepoints.

We had dozens of totes filled to the brim with shirts, socks, pants, dresses, hats and underwear. We set up a line of clothes where the kids could walk through and each select three items of clothing. They were scrambling to find a place in line as soon as the announcement was made. Many of their eyes spoke of pure shock and excitement. They had never encountered something like this before. While their current clothing showed visible need for replacement with fist size holes in all the wrong places and torn strings holding together the cloth that remained.

Kayla helping the kids choose clothes; Ami playing games!

Emily helping with the hats; Grace directing the little girls.

At best, our clothing drive was organized chaos! But the countless giggles of two year old girls in crisp new dresses, the shy smiles of young boys receiving shorts for the first time and the gaze of the proud momma's sitting in the background made the day one of the best yet. It was a beautiful sight (and we have a plethora of photos that will do the scene much better justice than any words could attempt to express)!

It is moments like these, when three year olds beg for a single pair of underwear that we are forced to stop in our tracks and start asking why.

Why us God?

Riley sizing the boys; Anna helping the ladies with the underwear!

LB waiting for the kids to arrive!

Courtney and Katherine handing out clothes.


Why have we been given so much and these beautiful children so little? We may never have a complete answer to this question, but we are realizing that we have the ability to do something with what we have been given. To use our knowledge, education, money, time, two hands and two feet to step out into this world and make it a better place.

So, why us God?

Because I want you to go, to move, to love, to act. I want you to CHANGE this place, bring hope to people and transform this world around you. Each and every single day.”

And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” -Esther 4:14b

Millie loving one of the girls; Ally + Spenser sizing the undies.

Preparing for the kids!

Two of our precious "customers!"

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