Coming Home.

All of us!

Growing up, we sometimes take the things around us for granted. The families we grow up in, the presents under the Christmas tree, the education we receive, the food on our dinner table (not to mention breakfast and lunch), the countless opportunities around us, and the future at our fingertips. These past four weeks have been a continual wake up call to the realities of our world and to be honest, they are a far cry from the lives we have lived.

Sometimes the pain and injustice our eyes and ears have encountered here in Swaziland has been too much to handle; and, in those moments we have come to fully understand our world's need for a Savior. We have been called to live a life of purpose, freedom and hope, and we cannot do this without Him! The needs are too big, the injustice too unfair and the pain too deep for us to fix alone.

We walked eight miles on Sunday with a group of people "walking across Swaziland.
They are raising awareness for the issues in this land.  It was tiresome, but incredible!

In all of this, our God has been providing incredible opportunities for us to join Him in His work here by loving people in the most tangible ways. Whether it's serving food to hundreds of empty-bellied kids, holding babies who never receive loving touch, handing out clothes, praying for the sick and abandoned, or giving undivided attention to lonely children, we have loved it all. This is the kind of life we want to live wherever God calls us!

We're getting excited to jump on that shiny plane, watch some movies and see some familiar faces. There are so many more stories we have to share. Stories about households run by thirteen year olds, toddlers who walk long distances for a single meal, children whose malnourished bodies have landed them in the hospital, and much more. But we also have stories of God's people rising up, meeting these needs and loving these beautiful people. It has been an incredible, life-changing four weeks. We have cried, laughed, prayed, worshiped, played games, cuddled with babies and asked some great questions. We cannot wait to share more with you in person! Thanks again for walking this journey with us. We could not have done it without you.

Love from Swaziland one last time,
Team Beloved


Two photos from our safari!

Our visit to the mayor's office. 
He heard about what we have been doing and wanted to thank us!

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